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Faster, Flexible and reliable client focused



A Comprehensive Approach

We understand that in transport environment, global trade comes with compliance risks which includes; fines, sanctions, and interruption or loss of privileges due to neglect or
oversight. Our experts in compliance team will guide your shipments through Customs and all other related government agencies in an efficient and expeditious way.
We pride ourselves in our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team who treats all the customers like VIP’s. We’re dedicated to bringing you the utmost in quality service while
creating customized solutions that ensure your shipment is complied with all regulations.


Expert Guidance

While almost 90% of our entries come out paperless, we’re located inside of Long Beach Customs building to offer
the most rapid customs clearance without using unreliable messengers to deliver our paper documents to Customs.
Other brokers will take at least a day or two just to deliver the documents and another day or two to bring the
documents back from Customs while we could just walk up to Customs upon our needs.

Business Meeting
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