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Local Customs

New ISF enforcement starting June 30, 2016

Effective for shipments on the water on or after June 30, CBP Will operate as follows:   Ports will initiate liquidated damage demands (penalty) without Headquarters review. Ports will no longer be required to grant “three strikes” (informal warnings) to importers. There is no change to cargo hold policy.   ISF-5 filing issues remain unresolved. CBP is to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking to address this. See below Customs...

E-cigarettes will need to be complied with FDA

Effective Aug 8, all cigarettes including e-cigarettes, e-hookah, e-cigars, vape pens, advanced refillable personal vaporizers and electronic pipes will be subject to the following requirements. - enforcement action against products determined to be adulterated or misbranded (other than actions based on lack of a marketing authorization during an applicable compliance period) - submission of ingredient listing and reporting of harmful and potentially harmful constituents - registration...

ITA expansion participants get ready for first tariff cuts

The Committee on the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), at a meeting on 18 April 2016, heard reports about current preparations for implementation of the Nairobi Ministerial Declaration on the Expansion of Trade in IT Products. and the second set no later than 1 July 2017, with successive reductions taking place on 1 July 2018 and effective elimination no later than 1 July 2019. next-generation multi-component integrated circuits, medical equipment, GPS devices, tools for manufacturing...

Textile and Apparel Imports Rise from Cambodia, China and Vietnam

According to the OTEXA (office of textiles and apparel), imports of cotton, wool, manmade fiber, silk blend and non-cotton vegetable fiber textile and apparel products totaled 6.22 billion square meter equivalents in August, up 3.8% from July and 13.3% from August 2014. OTEXA reports As you could see from the below graphs, imports from Cambodia and China had gone up from July 2015 and also compared from last...

TPP timeframe

Please see the below timeframe for Trans-Pacific Partnership. It could take another year for a full implementation. timeframe

TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) finally resolved

Trans-Pacific Partnership Concluded After Key Issues Resolved: STR & STTAS International Trade and Customs After five years of “intensive” negotiations and a marathon final session in Atlanta that went several days longer than anticipated to clear the remaining hurdles, trade ministers announced Oct. 5 the successful conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement among Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru,...

Import Fee on Cotton and Cotton-Containing Products to be Decreased

Import Fee on Cotton and Cotton-Containing Products to be Decreased   The Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service has issued a direct final rule lowering the assessments paid by importers of cotton and cotton-containing products under the Cotton Research and Promotion Order. These assessments are being reduced from $0.012728/kg to $0.012013/kg, reflecting a decrease in the average weighted price of upland cotton received by U.S. farmers in 2014. The revenues...
Local Customs

GSP refunds are on the way

Effective July 29, 2015, filers again are entitled to file GSP-eligible entry summaries without the payment of estimated duties. CBP will reimburse U.S. importers for duties paid on eligible products during the gap period. Note: VIP Customs Service Inc has been filing entries with the Special Program Indicator during the laps period from August 1,2013 through July 28,2015, duties will be reimbursed to the Importers automatically.   Please talk to your customer representative...

GSP Finally renewed

GSP had finally renewed again. President Obama signed into law the reinstatement of GSP effective July 29, 2015 and retroactive to July 31, 2013. Though it was approved retroactively, it does not allow the automatic refund of duties on entries properly flagged during the period GSP was suspended. Therefore, filers will be required to request duty refunds for each eligible entry. It is expected that CBP will soon issue instructions on preparing, and processing such requests. Please see...

TPP Seminar (Korean Community)

There will be a seminar about the current news on TPP (Trans-Pacific Partership) Date : 2015.6.18 (18:30-21:30) Place : JJ Grand Hotel (620 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005) The seminar will explain to you how TPP will affect international business especially to Korean community. This was hosted by KACTS (Korean American Customs Trade Study) Please let us know if you have any questions at in regards to this seminar. TPP...
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